Sessions with Judy

 3 Month One-On-One

My intuitive guidance will be the catalyst that will shift your life in every way you desire.
You will learn how to clear your energy and mind, rewrite your beliefs and mindset, and to finally live the awesome life you are meant to live.
3 month Signature Program
Ask about rates for longer packages.

Business Intuitive Readings

1 hour @ $175.00

We all have the ability to access our power of knowing, our intuition and develop it for practical use in all aspects of our daily lives.
This is perfect for anyone making decisions as an entrepreneur or executive.
Discover your untapped power to increase your success with partnerships, creative ideas and the next steps.


jmPersonal Intuitive Readings
Just needing
one full out session to get your life back on track?

We all have the ability to access our Power of Knowing, our Intuition and develop it for practical use in all aspects of our daily lives.
Going through a Rough, Confusing, Tough time?
An Intuitive Consulting Session with me can Help You…
• Make the best decisions for your next step.
• Spiritual direction about your calling and purpose
• Have clarity about the future while going through a big life transition (divorce, illness, job loss, etc.)
• Move forward with confidence



Immediate Assessment Inclusive Life Map
A unique 5 step formula that collects the pieces of your life, history, mind and heart and unites them together in a Personal one of a kind Living Life Map with a Powerful Statement of Inspiration.

We will have an interview for 60 minute and from this I will prepare a map of your intended purpose, your Soul Journey and how you are holding yourself back from having the things you want in your life.

I will then formulate your Statement of Inspiration with the Mission or Legacy you would like to create and fulfill.