5 Things Happy People Do

5 Things Happy People Do By Judy Martene June 1, 2010 Do those things that make you happy What brings you happiness? It is a person, place or thing or combinations of all 3? Have you ever made a list of all the things the make you happy? I am sure the list would go n for pages and pages once you got started. How many of t hose things that make you happy do you incorporate into your daily life? Do you design your Continue reading →

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation The longer an individual practices meditation, the greater the likelihood that his or her goals and efforts will shift toward personal and spiritual growth. Many individuals who initially learn meditation for its self-regulatory aspects find that as their practice deepens they are drawn more and more into the realm of the “spiritual.” It helps to increase compassionate self-awareness and self-acceptance. 1. Make time to meditate. Set aside enough time in your daily routine for meditating. The effects of meditation are most Continue reading →

Setting Intentions

Setting intentions is a conscious way of keeping yourself from going through life on autopilot. You can set an intention each morning, before a meeting or appointment, or even before you go to bed to guide your dreams. By practising intention setting you can change your behaviors and eventually accomplish all of your goals. Some changes can happen in a moment, like a changed mindset for an instance and other growth requires the continuous practice of intention setting.

You are perceptual beings

You are perceptual beings with different vantage points and — it does not matter how much information is given — you cannot see beyond the vibrational limits of where you are standing. You cannot live or see or experience outside of your own individual beliefs.