It’s more than just the Christmas Spirit

There are many people not able to find the “christmas spirit” and I don’t mean the commercialized one with all the old programmed beliefs of what should and needs to happen for the holiday season. I’m talking about the palpable energy of Peace, Love, Kindness and Giving. And I just don’t mean to others, but to yourself in ways that you have never gave before. I call it extreme self care! I understand with the shifting of the frequencies that people are still stuck in Continue reading →

A Bigger Purpose

I am feeling a huge renewal of sorts. It’s like the clouds have dissipated and I see much more clearer now. The not knowing has become a knowing, in the sense that I know I am headed in the right direction. I feel it throughout my whole being. It’s a peace that settles within, a stability that grounds me to my cause and purpose. If you had told me I would be a producer of my own television show I would have said , no, Continue reading →

Changes Once Again ❣

  New internal changes are upon me again, but in a whole different way. It’s hard to describe the feeling, it’s like I want to make up new words with new meanings for this presence. Sublime, intense, a knowing of belonging, yet separate it is all-encompassing. But, its’ so very interesting feeling the new sensations throughout the body, mind and soul. I am aware of the major shifts that have happened–I feel them—I can sense them coming. I have gotten used to some of these Continue reading →

My World is Different Now!

Have you noticed  a difference in how you are showing up? A new sense of even how your physically body is feeling? Have you sensed the distinct change in your personal space, almost like it is separate from you? Does your world around you look and feel a little different?   Past events seem to have disappeared from our memory. Well, it definitely is. Got to say that one freaked me out until I understood what was happening. Many people are behaving very weird, as Continue reading →

It’s One of Those Days

The energy in the air has been CRACKLING! And it feels like one of those days? I woke with a BIG mixed bag of emotions raging through me and I could feel the build up. I was tapping in not only to myself but the planetary energy and boy oh boy what a hodgepodge of feelings. A mixture of so many emotions. I had to take some time to process what was mine and what was others. I owned most of them…lol. So, that put Continue reading →

Something Is Different This Holiday Season

It’s All About The Love I have always loved the holidays and believed in the magic I felt from the Christmas Season. As a little girl I would count down the days and each moment seemed more magical than the one before. My eyes could only see the enchantment of the season and my heart could feel the miraculous excitement building as each day passed. It was a fairy-tale existence for me. But, this Christmas Season has felt different. More pronounced maybe? A heightened love Continue reading →

Peace, Inner Guidance and Intuition

My inner guidance, my intuition and peace of mind has been getting stronger and clearer during this past year. The nudgings are unmistakable. They resonate within that sacred place, deep in my solar plexus. I can always trust the guidance I receive. Any inclination to not listen to that nudging has me spinning in directions that don’t feel right, like I am off in a whole different world where nothing fits. It leaves me feeling like I am the puzzle piece that belongs to another puzzle Continue reading →

My Connection to Source

My path of life Illusion of happiness Smacked with the realization That a world of glee Is not always going to be Learning lessons The hardest way Has built my spirit Beyond the faith Touched by the ONE Whispered graces Moved and transformed My world years ago My connection to source Is paramount Is essential The ONE who I am connected to Builds me Shapes every part of me Into becoming The me that I am No matter what I see and feel All around Continue reading →

What the SHIFT is going on?

Who ever said this transformation time is not for wimps was spot on and we have been deep in it for quite some time and we are going deeper. Are you ready for more shifts? Do you have your transition team, strategies and tools in place? These transitions/shifts are and most likely will trigger old anger, depression and anxiety. Be prepared for more of this. When it feels like something in your life is falling apart, it is meant to. Try your best to allow Continue reading →

It’s all about Playtime…

When we are not having fun our creativity and motivation take a hit  based on recent research. This is why I have been a huge advocate of adding play time throughout our day. In fact, one the biggest things my clients love about me is, how I show them how to incorporate more play in their day. Now science realizes the immense cognitive effects of play for adults. Finally! Did you know that when we play stress hormones levels decrease? And who’s stress levels are not off Continue reading →

Organic Burger with Red Pepper Humus, Avocado + Tomato

It really doesn’t take much to put together a healthy meal with all the right and important food groups. I have been cooking like this for years and love to teach others. You really can eat nutritious while giving your body everything it needs to sustain a healthy balance All Organic…quinoa, spelt bread, homemade burger with steel cut oats, garlic, my own sauce, red pepper humus, avocado and tomato…yummo!

Blame and Victimhood

I hear many people wanting to blame the Universe, people, places and things for how their life is. They really don’t’ understand that they are the victims of their own thoughts/feelings. I hear statistics that are shocking but really true…about 97% of people are not happy! I hear people talk about their problems and the not so good things that have and that are happening to them. I rarely hear them talk about the answer/solution and the success, or if they do, it is a Continue reading →

Healthy Smoothie Video

Sharing with you one of the ways I keep healthy so I can live vibrantly  to over 100. I find that most of my clients desire and take advantage of my expertise in this area…I love doing Food makeovers. I go into clients homes live or virtually and first clean out frig and cupboards, put together lists of their favourite foods, design recipes, go grocery shopping with them, and then I teach them how to simply cook up delicious recipes. Essentially I custom design foods/meals Continue reading →

11 11 Energy Today

With all this talked about energy that is available today being 11 11, I will be taking full advantage of the power. They say a strong vortex is opening with incredible healing powers that are available for those who are ready to receive. Even though there is always energy  present for shifting,  right now it is being highlighted and focused on by thousands of people around the globe. With these huge masses of concentrated energy the momentum of focus will amplify significantly. Making this big Continue reading →

Shrunken Heads in Cider

SO MUCH FUN…Shrunken Heads in Cider  Ingredients • 2 cups lemon juice • 2 tablespoons coarse salt • 8 large Granny Smith apples • 32 whole cloves • 2 gallons apple cider • 2 (12-ounce) cans frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed • 2 cups spiced rum (optional) Directions 1. Step Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper; set aside. In a medium bowl, mix together lemon juice and salt; set aside. 2. Step Peel apples and cut each in half through Continue reading →