My World is Different Now!

Have you noticed  a difference in how you are showing up?
A new sense of even how your physically body is feeling?
Have you sensed the distinct change in your personal space, almost like it is separate from you?

Does your world around you look and feel a little different?


Past events seem to have disappeared from our memory. Well, it definitely is. Got to say that one freaked me out until I understood what was happening.

Many people are behaving very weird, as they can’t adjust/align with the new influx of energy.

Some are very angry and addictions have ramped as they try to use this as their coping skill.
They repeat old programs and don’t see your light, in fact it makes them feel and act in more detrimental ways.


But, on the other hand I am seeing and hearing some awesome wake-ups, new people are coming into my life that have just woke up and let me tell you their acceleration rate is something off the charts.

Frequency has been bumped up, we all can feel the bigness of this.

We are now existing in a higher state of consciousness and this frequency will continue to increase.

This will be extremely uncomfortable for those who refuse to let go of all the things that they have resistance too.

Our hearts needs to be cleared of all blockages/old patterns to accept the new frequencies.

For the past few months as things ramped up our past has been showing up BIG time giving us more opportunity to let go and move on.


Only NOW matters and learning to live in this moment can be challenging while still holding on to the past.

Old patterns of belief and the way we used to do things is outdated. We are not in 3D anymore and it feels hard to navigate at times.


My connection to the Creator has deepened and I crave more. I see, hear and sense much more than ever before as the old slips away. I bravely enter this new energy with a sense of adventure and a knowing that all will be okay.

My guidance comes from Source and I rely on this more and more.


Learning to live in this NEW NOW can be difficult, so I am here to support you through this—-just reach out.

Go ahead and choose a complimentary session for yourself so I can help guide you through the next steps. Click here to find some relief and guidance.

We are the creators of our world and have unlimited creations skills. How awesome is that!

Please share this with those who could benefit.       Much love to you all.