What the SHIFT is going on?

Who ever said this transformation time is not for wimps was spot on and we have been deep in it for quite some time and we are going deeper. Are you ready for more shifts? Do you have your transition team, strategies and tools in place?

what the shift is going onThese transitions/shifts are and most likely will trigger old anger, depression and anxiety. Be prepared for more of this.

When it feels like something in your life is falling apart, it is meant to. Try your best to allow it, no matter how your old self will try to keep or fix it. We tend to hang on to the familiar, because we don’t know how to “let go” and don’t realize the freedom that comes from releasing.
These are old, unneeded  patterns that will not serve your higher self anymore. What was and what is needed right now will not always be the same. What worked for you in the past will not work for you in the present.

New ways of doing and being are being downloaded to you. Accept the charge, allow the integration with ease, connect with like-minded communities, seek guidance and support. Give yourself the best self-care you can, like never before.  Make “selfish” a major part of your day and on purpose add yourself to your agenda. We all really need this right now.

Include as much nature time as you can. It’s imperative that we all connect to the earth, the actual terra firma. Go barefoot whenever possible. Nature will provide the grounding and restorative power we need.

Everyone, yes including you have something to help the community ease into this new extraordinary time and space. You have gifts and talents this world needs.

It is by divine synchronicity that you have read this page, seeking and wondering, so come on, let’s do this together. I am here to help. I offer complementary discovery sessions to support you through these changing and challenging times, assisting you to recognize what is going on with you by offering wisdom and intuitive guidance.  🙂

Please click the link to schedule yourself. Looking forward to connecting with you.