living my heart’s desire

When I took a good close look at myself and went deep within, I could see my heart was crying out for more, more of me, more living for me, more love for me, more of who I am called to be.hearts desire

It has been so apparent, not only to me and those who know me well, that I had “gave” myself away in so many areas. Always doing what I thought pleases others, instead of what I “felt” led  to do from my heart. I would then find myself in overwhelm as I wondered why my needs were not getting met and why I wasn’t truly happy. I was not living my hearts desire, I was doing and being for everyone and everything and not for me. I was not first on my list.

I knew I needed to “shift” into a new space and with the help of my spiritual shifter, that’s exactly what I have done. I am feeling like everything I am doing now is “new” to me as I stand in my shifted place, more love and more respect for myself, putting myself at the top of my priorities