I wait…

FEeling lostI feel lost

Words are not flowing

Inspiration doesn’t seem to show up

I am depressed

I know I will come out and insight will be given

I just wanna feel happy today

Everything I thought I was is not

What am I to do with these things I know

How can this emptiness be so

My gifts were written in the stars

I was told I would know

All things reveled in time

That I would leave my mark

That all would flow together when ready

I was to seek that which defines my bubble

To impact and love the world

To forever more be the change

Showing the difference

All things in good time

The wait is hard

I drift along seeking

Not belonging in a sense that matters

I offer nothing to be of value

While this wait continues

The anxiousness is there

Consuming me, impressing me

I look and ask for guidance

I pull tarot cards for answers

I ask for truth, for help

Oh in my despair

The tears they do flow

Down my checks and across my heart

Why is it only me who doesn’t know

My life purpose, that I want to show

Did I miss the signs along the way

Lessons learned time and time again

Seeds sown, harvests reaped

Many times over again

The winds of change are here

I can feel them, see them

The messages are becoming loud and clear

Change is evident for me

Bigger than I have ever known

I realize the process I am in

Is needed and yet not wanted

Yet, the transformation from this

Is what I seek and know

Will be the best thing for me

So in the meantime I hold on

To the knowing that

All is working in perfect timing and

All is and will continue to be well in my world

J.K.M. July 2013

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