spiritual energyThis heavy energy is still emitting life changing moments for me, subtle, but somehow strong at the same time. The opportunities I have for change are immense and yet not perfectly timed to my mind that says, “let them happen right now”.

I am learning to let go of the “control” and allow my life to unfold exactly how and when it needs to happen. This is not always easy for me and many times during the day get nudged into remembering that my purpose is not to “know” but to flow. The rhyming of those words is sticking to me, I am liking the feel, in fact I am going to make a sticky note for myself and will put it on my pop up computer reminders. I need all the prompting I can get right now. I am feeling a bit more comfortable in my new skin as I shift beliefs and let go of control.

One moment at a time…going with the flow.

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