Changes Once Again ❣


New internal changes are upon me again, but in a whole different way.

It’s hard to describe the feeling, it’s like I want to make up new words with new meanings for this presence. Sublime, intense, a knowing of belonging, yet separate it is all-encompassing. But, its’ so very interesting feeling the new sensations throughout the body, mind and soul.

I am aware of the major shifts that have happened–I feel them—I can sense them coming.

I have gotten used to some of these overall waves of energy that fluctuate at different times.

Most times I sense a shift within the physical body. The breathing is either laboured or a deeper threshold is experienced when waves come through and my body will vibrate at an increased rate. It sometimes feel as though I am a vibrator and spirit has turned the switch on high….lol.

We don’t have a reference point and manual for what this is and what is coming up.

Many try to articulate what is happening and when I witness this within my own deeper self and can resonate with it I know it’s mass consciousness agreement.
In all of this a beautiful sense of peace and raw excitement fills me.

During mediation this morning, I was told this next part of my journey was going to be like never before.

I was told to go look in the mirror after mediation and to see the difference that had already happened.

I did and I saw a younger profile of me and a deeper understanding that I am so much more than the body in the mirror. I could see my soul and knew that I had deepened my connection to Source Energy once again. I am finding the more I seek the faster my connection ignites.

 I believe this is the most important step we can take, to be able to flow with the new energies.

I ask and listen all the time now, knowing that my answers are right here. My thoughts and affirmations seem to manifest almost instantly.

2 most important things to do right now are connection and grounding.

Being in my body and not so much in my head is so important right now and thankfully the weather makes this more enjoyable to get outside and commune with nature.
Drinking lots of healthy water is key for the body to perform at ultimate perfection.
Taking lots of breaks to connect with my higher-self is paramount.
I sleep when my body tells me too and sometimes that can be a few times a day.
I teach this and more in my Facebook group The High Vibe Tribe. Come check it out if it resonates with you. 

As I move through my day I am aware of so much more. I sense and feel things very differently now and I look forward to the next moment as I journey on.

If you need support and guidance please book in for a complimentary reading here. I would be happy to read your energy pattern. ❦

Please share this with those who could benefit.       Much love to you all.   ❥

I would love to hear your comments about what you are experiencing right now.