It’s more than just the Christmas Spirit

There are many people not able to find the “christmas spirit” and I don’t mean the commercialized one with all the old programmed beliefs of what should and needs to happen for the holiday season.

I’m talking about the palpable energy of Peace, Love, Kindness and Giving. And I just don’t mean to others, but to yourself in ways that you have never gave before. I call it extreme self care!

I understand with the shifting of the frequencies that people are still stuck in the so-called third dimension and that isn’t a feel good place anymore.

Times and energies have changed and most are not flowing with the newness.

You don’t have to suffer

Many are suffering from complacency, depression, relationship issues, still have illness/disease, lack of motivation and inspiration and just plain fed up with their life.

I understand this because of the people coming into my practice that are screaming for help, asking for guidance and insight as to what’s happened to their world. I see it all over social media too- such mass confusion with them.


There is such a thing as learning how to live in this new world that’s unfolding in a very positive, uplifting and blessed for way and I love to teach my students and clients this. It revolutionary! Changes Lives!

There is a new way….

I know many believe that all hope is lost, but truly it’s always the dark before the dawn concept that’s happening right now.


I have done so much “work” on myself over the years that I can

understand exactly where people are in the cycle right now. And I know it’s rough and some are ready to throw in the towel so to speak.

I am telling you if you are not in alignment then you are in resistance and that never goes well. Life gets harder and harder.

Happiness and Well-Being becomes a thing of the past. People are using outdated methods of trying to achieve this–they don’t work anymore.

Many don’t know how to find the spirit of the Season never-mind the Spirit of who they are core level. They haven’t grasped onto the new ways of being in this changing world.

Recognize – Remember – Reconnect

If you don’t Remember who you are at core level, Recognize why you are here on this planet, have Connection to your higher self/God/intuition then please reach out to those who can assist you, because life will not get easier until you do.

The “new energies” just don’t support it.

Bless Yourself this Season

With much Love and Compassion….