It’s all about Playtime…

When we are not having fun our creativity and motivation take a hit  based on recent research.

This is why I have been a huge advocate of adding play time throughout our daypeople collage.

In fact, one the biggest things my clients love about me is, how I show them how to incorporate more play in their day.

Now science realizes the immense cognitive effects of play for adults. Finally!

Did you know that when we play stress hormones levels decrease? And who’s stress levels are not off the charts these days? This makes sense to me, it always has.

Research has suggested that encouraging play at later ages would sustain the anatomical effects that are gained from childhood much longer. Wow! Again makes sense to me.

The prefrontal cortex needs positive, friendly interactions to keep it functioning at peak performance, so looks like more playtime makes sense again. You with me?

Make time for you and the things you love to do.
Are you now ready to add more play to your day? I know I do… playtime consumes most of my day.
Don’t know how, just ask me…I’d be happy to help.