Blame and Victimhood

I hear many people wanting to blame the Universe, people, places and things for how their life is. They really don’t’ understand that they are the victims of their own thoughts/feelings.
I hear statistics that are shocking but really true…about 97% of people are not happy!
I hear people talk about their problems and the not so good things that have and that are happening to to throw theperfectsurpriseparty!
I rarely hear them talk about the answer/solution and the success, or if they do, it is a temporary fix.
I hear people say that, “yup, I know thoughts become things”! But, do they hold themselves accountable for everything that is going on in their life? Or, do they hide the truth that life is really not going that well for them? They are near broke, their business is not where they want it to be, or they don’t like their job, they are tired, physical ailments plague them, they miss the connected intimacy of those close to them and they are lacking authenticity in so many areas of their lives.

I truly understand what it means to be accountable for everything/thoughts/feelings/actions in my life and then taking responsibility to be awake and make change, or stay asleep and continue on having the same shit day in and day out. Been there way too many times.
I am gifted with understanding the Laws of this Universe (LOA)  and knowing how to apply it in clear, concise ways to positively affect my life and those whom I work with.
I went from Tragic to Magic and now I serve by helping others live the life they consciously choose on purpose.
By the way, I am one of those 3 % ers.