A Bigger Purpose

I am feeling a huge renewal of sorts. It’s like the clouds have dissipated and I see much more clearer now.

The not knowing has become a knowing, in the sense that I know I am headed in the right direction.

I feel it throughout my whole being. It’s a peace that settles within, a stability that grounds me to my cause and purpose.

If you had told me I would be a producer of my own television show I would have said , no, well maybe, but what would I have to say?

I have been in front of cameras for television and film before with my businesses, but now I am not only in front, but behind as well.

This new role of producer and host sets me on fire, especially with the message I am able to broadcast.


I love my ongoing role as a coach, intuitive, teacher and adore my clients.
I will continue on with this as my clients testify I become the catalyst to transform lives and this unique gift from the universe is one that I treasure and will continue to serve others with.

And now I have another platform to become the catalyst for greater change and impact.

The Kindness AEffect will influence the world as each good will, positive thought with action and intention creates a ripple effect throughout the globe. I plan on taking this show to cities and countries affecting mankind in ways that cause a heart awakening.

I am so excited and would love for you to be part of my incredible and life changing journey.
Are you brave enough to open your heart more than ever before, step out of your comfort zone and stand in all your vulnerably making a difference in your life which ultimately changes the world? Please connect with me.

All it takes is one person at a time.

Let the whispers of your heart lead you in the right direction.

With much love and appreciation I set my intention for kindness within me first and then radiate it outward.