11 11 Energy Today

If you need a big time shift with healing or removing blocks that hold you back from living your life in peace
With all this talked about energy that is available today being 11 11, I will be taking full advantage of the power. They say a strong vortex is opening with incredible healing powers that are available for those who are ready to receive.

Even though there is always energy  present for shifting,  right now it is being highlighted and focused on by thousands of people around the globe. With these huge masses of concentrated energy the momentum of focus will amplify significantly. Making this big time energy…How exciting is this?

As an empath, I was feeling the build up most of yesterday. I had to purposely slow myself down and keep grounded. So I did a lot of yoga type exercises, drank a lot of lemon water, made sure I was breathing very deeply and even had a nap. I can be easily overwhelmed with these huge energy shifts and I am learning to recognize and take proactive measures to ensure some ease with my body.

When this type of focused energy shows up, it is an opportunity to receive like never before. The gates of heaven (so to speak) are wide open, the magic is available, the mystical vortex is accessible, portals are wide open, the veil is thin and this is all here to serve us.

What will you do? I know I will gladly receive all incoming loving energy, listen more closely to the inspirations, pay more attention to the guides that surround me and receive, receive and receive some more. 🙂