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Testimonies from From the Vision Book Workshop January 16, 2016

Very enlightening-going home with positive energy. Hope we do this again. The women in this group were all fun- Judy, you make it fun. Always a learning experience re; life and ones self. Thanks for a great lunch and a great day-until next time. Lynda Kedge The workshop was fun and enlightening and allowed my inner child to come out and play for a while. This was not a regular Vision Board exercise. The final exercise is powerful and makes a world of difference to Continue reading →

Healthy Smoothie Video

Sharing with you one of the ways I keep healthy so I can live vibrantly  to over 100. I find that most of my clients desire and take advantage of my expertise in this area…I love doing Food makeovers. I go into clients homes live or virtually and first clean out frig and cupboards, put together lists of their favourite foods, design recipes, go grocery shopping with them, and then I teach them how to simply cook up delicious recipes. Essentially I custom design foods/meals Continue reading →

11 11 Energy Today

With all this talked about energy that is available today being 11 11, I will be taking full advantage of the power. They say a strong vortex is opening with incredible healing powers that are available for those who are ready to receive. Even though there is always energy  present for shifting,  right now it is being highlighted and focused on by thousands of people around the globe. With these huge masses of concentrated energy the momentum of focus will amplify significantly. Making this big Continue reading →

Shrunken Heads in Cider

SO MUCH FUN…Shrunken Heads in Cider  Ingredients • 2 cups lemon juice • 2 tablespoons coarse salt • 8 large Granny Smith apples • 32 whole cloves • 2 gallons apple cider • 2 (12-ounce) cans frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed • 2 cups spiced rum (optional) Directions 1. Step Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper; set aside. In a medium bowl, mix together lemon juice and salt; set aside. 2. Step Peel apples and cut each in half through Continue reading →

How Well are You Taking Care of Yourself?

How well are you taking care of yourself? Do we really understand what it means to take care of ourselves? What does that look like? What does it feel like? How many of us are stressed, burned out, sad, unfulfilled and just not happy about so many things? I would venture to say a large majority and my clients are speaking the same sentiments. Are you one of these people?   Do you pay attention to those nudges that are calling you to Self Care? Continue reading →

Awesome Energies – Loving Me More

Some awesome energies have come swooping in over the past few days and I find myself going deep within, exploring those parts that no longer serve me. For me right now, it means that I choose to change my old behaviour patterns of feeling less worthy and not deserving. This shows up in my life as continually giving to others more than I give to myself and then leaves me feeling like I really don’t matter. Yes, this is all ME stuff and I acknowledge Continue reading →

My True Story about, when Compassion becomes Tangible.

When I serve others, my heart warms in ways that can only be felt when Compassion becomes Tangible and how every day I ask for ways to keep growing, serving and improving…A true story from almost a year ago now. It had been snowing since yesterday. The snow was deep and the roads where thick with heavy fallen snow. I was out shopping, parked my Jeep and I headed towards the store. I saw a youth all bundled up; the snow already settled on his Continue reading →

The Fire Master-Masterful Seduction

Why I wrote this poem… Years ago I was dating  a man, who held potential for a really unique relationship. We had fires every night, unless it rained or snow-stormed. The meticulous way he mastered the fire held a double meaning, as this poem not only exudes the skill in building and maintaining a great fire, BUT the sensuality and deeper seductiveness meanings of the times we spent together around our fires.  J.K.M. The Fire Master His skillful hands lay the foundation, carefully arranging the Continue reading →

Are We Going to be OKAY?

Many of you have expressed to me that your world is not in flow. You are stressed and don’t know which way to turn. I get that and I know that the energies of late have been strong and my body is feeling the immense pull of these galactic dynamisms as well; always calling us to live our dreams, our sacred destiny, to live a life in JOY. I breath long and deep, reassuring myself that this energy is passing through me and I can Continue reading →

Almost Instant Manifestation

Who wants to hear a beaver story? This really is a “HOW TO” MANIFEST pretty much INSTANTLY! Yesterday I was counting down the minutes to be in my boat on the lake. I could hear the swish of my paddle dipping into the water, feel the sun warming my body the lake breezes blowing through my hair, yup I was getting excited. But, in the meantime, I was checking out videos about the aftermath of the Tornado that hit close to my home this week Continue reading →

Judy and her Truck

Judy and her Truck The year 2008 end of November. I stand beside a truck I had rented to move me, as I had just purchased a new home on my own. Manifestations with the right numbers and a mortgage had been divinely aligned.  Magic surrounded me, I was elated. I was stepping out once again on my own, rebuilding a new life.  It had been a rough and tragic 2 years for me. Stories yet to be told of ripped apart lives and loves. Continue reading →

Deep Changes Once Again…

The strong pull of energies have been quite evident in my life these past few days. An almost overwhelming wave of love has settled in and made residence deep within my soul. I am loving this, my physical body feels this expansion as well. This LOVE energy is so powerful. The pulsating, all consuming waves feels like liquid love fire as it travels throughout my body, sending energetic shivers from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I relish in this Continue reading →

Halloween AWEsome Blog

    I start my blog off with my poem about a love that never dies… and then… Halloween Treats to enjoy with your special love (or company)     My Love When the floor boards squeak And a cool breeze brushes your check Know that I am here Lights dim and glow Is my sign to you I feel your warmth I take your cue You glance at the shadow I make As I float by Waves of desire A heavy sigh A sweet Continue reading →