About Judy

Judy K. Martene is a Leading Expert on the Topic of Intuition


Developing her own highly tuned insight for the past 25 years has gained her worldwide recognition, impacting lives around the globe.

She is a huge catalyst providing powerful transformational insights for her clients.

She teaches individuals and businesses how to use their untapped intuitive abilities to change their lives and grow their companies.

Judy has years of  intuitive consulting experience and is currently working towards her Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences and Counseling.

She is empathetic, energetic, intuitive, expansive, passionate and a ’no bullshit facilitator.

As others say, “if you want the truth, talk to Judy.”

A very positive soul who has simple but very powerful thoughts and ideas to help one connect to the Source/Intuition. Thank you .

Dr. Reji

Judy’s insight comes in both subtle and direct ways that have positively influenced my life direction.

Danielle Lobo